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Department of Theory, Analysis, Composition, and Conducting


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He was born in Cava de’ Tirreni, Salerno, on 20th April 1963.

Pianist, composer, orchestra and choir conductor, he graduated in Piano Performance, Choir Conducting, and Composition from the Salerno Conservatoire.

Additionally, he attended an Orchestra Conduction Course at the ‘S. Pietro a Majella’ Conservatoire in Naples.

He began his musical career very young, both a soloist and chamber music performer.

As a choir conductor he has held concerts in Italy and abroad.

As a teacher, he has run courses and workshops on music theory and composition for several music associations.

He taught Music Theory for eight years in the Musictherapy programme organised by the Centro studi di Filosofia e Teoria delle Scienze Umane ‘Maurizio Mangrella’, in cooperation with the 'Federico II' Unioversity of Napoli and the I Università di Napoli.

He has composed numerous works in various genres such as symphonic orchestra, chamber music, and choir.

Furthermore, he has written several works on the theoretical environment.

He is a teacher at the 'G. Martucci' Conservatoire of Salerno.


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