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Bruno Benvenuto


Department of Theory, Analysis, Composition, and Conducting


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Bruno Benvenuto was born in Naples, where he completed his education in both humanistic and musical studies.

He graduated in both Classical Guitar Performance, furthering his skills in Spain under Josè Tomàs and Josè Luiz Rodrigo, and Singing under Elisabetta Fusco.

He furthered his harmony and counterpoint knowledge under Argenzio Jorio.

He has been teaching Musicianship in the Italian Conservatoire system since 1981.

He passed through the national recruitment process based on artistic merit, qualifications and written examinations (Ministerial Order, 18.7.1990), becoming eligible for a teaching position in the Italian Conservatoire system (Guitar Performance).

The most important and characterising factor of his musical personality is the range of centuries of music covered in different genres, styles, and techniques in his compositions and arrangements.

Such eclecticism is transferred to his guitar works, ranging from transcriptions/elaborations of the Sonatas by Scarlatti, works by J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, elaborations of T. Monk, D. Ellington, C. Brown, A.C. Jobim, Beatles, to traditional Neapolitan pieces and original compositions.

He has moulded his ideas about music education into a critical and speculative theory which aims to go beyond the dogmatic processes of the traditional treatises of theory.

Certain that the educational process is a practice which changes throughout time and respects students as independent thinkers, his role as an educator and researcher is based on creative inputs and intends to realise the idea that music develops together with the individual.


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