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Ernesto Pulignano


Department of Keyboard and Percussions


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Pianist, musicologist and project manager for academic studies and vocational training.

He graduated in Piano Performance at the Matera Conservatoire and in Musicology at the University of Bologna.

He currently teaches as a vocal coach at the 'Giuseppe Martucci' Conservatoire of Salerno having passed through the national teaching appointment process in the Italian Conservatoire System.

Versatile musician with a diverse education, he has collaborated in various areas: opera, operetta, and contemporary theatre.

Having an in-depth knowledge of opera and being a refined performer of this repertoire, he has been accompanist of international opera competitions such as ‘Umberto Giordano’ (Foggia-Lucera), ‘Premio Città di Napoli’, ‘Ruggero Leoncavallo’ (Potenza), ‘Renata Tebaldi’ (Angri, Salerno) ‘Atena Opera Festival’ as well as korreptitor and piano collaborator for opera studios.

He has given concerts in various Italian cities (i.e. Milan, Rome, Naples, and Bologna), and has recorded for Sky TV, Radio Vaticana, and Musicomania Recording.

His main areas of research are the dramaturgy and analysis of nineteenth century opera, the teaching of piano accompaniment, and the recovery of Lucania’s musical heritage.

On the latter topic, as a musicologist and performer, he has reported on international conferences, been published in miscellaneous collections and journals, and regularly given concerts and held seminars and conferences.

He has edited modern editions of Carafa’s Collezione di Cavatine Italiane (Biblioteca Provinciale di Matera, 1996) and Cinque Sinfonie by Duni (idem, 1998).

He performed pieces by Duni, Carafa and Ferroni at the Église Saint-Eustache in Paris. Furthermore, he published the monograph “Il giuramento” di Rossi e Mercadante (EDT, 2007) and collaborated with Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani (Treccani, 2013).

He also collaborated in cataloguing the works of the composer Raffaele Gervasio, dealing with his music for TV advertising and jingles, radio and cinema (Edizioni dal Sud, 2011).

He coordinated the conferences ‘Academic Training and Professions of Musical Theatre’, and ‘The Piano Collaborator and the Manager of Cultural and Entertainment Enterprise’ for the Bologna Conservatoire, and ‘The Teaching of Musical Knowledge in the European Higher Education Area’ for the Avellino Conservatoire for which he edited the legal documents (Cimarosa Press, 2013).

He is project manager for ‘Higher Education Institutions pertaining to Arts, Music, and Dance’ (AFAM) as well as vocational training agencies.

At the Ministry of Education he was a member of the National Council of Higher education in Arts, Music, and Dance (CNAM), the joint working group of the National University Council (CUN), the Technical Board on Musicology, and the National Court of Discipline. Recently, he has been added to the register of ANVUR-ENQA evaluation experts, and to the Ministry of Education’s shortlist of experts for the appointment of members to the AFAM Board of Directors.

He was a tutor and responsible for the training agreement between the Teatro Comunale and the Bologna Conservatoire.


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