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Fiorella Pagano


Department of Theory, Analysis, Composition, and Conducting


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She studied Piano performance, Composition, Choral Music and Choral Conducting at the 'San Pietro a Majella' Conservatoire, Naples.

She attended courses in Palaeography and Musical Semiography as well as Organology at the Institute 'Thomas Ludovico da Victoria' in Rome under professors, Renato Di Benedetto, Alberto Basso, and Francesco Luisi.

She focuses on the musical production of the Renaissance, publishing some analytical works on madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi in the specialist magazine MusicaSocietà.

She specialised in Music Therapy at the CRM in Naples with a thesis on music therapy for people suffering from hearing loss.

As an external expert, she delivered several refresher courses for teachers and took part, as a speaker, in various educational seminars organised by the Education Agency of Naples.

In 2000 she participated as a speaker in the ‘Implications of music pedagogy and teaching’ session held in Assisi at the National Congress of Music Therapy.


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