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Giorgio Savarese


Department of Music Technology

Field of Study: MUSIC SOFTWARE - COME/05

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Giorgio Savarese

He was born in Naples in 1966.

He has been a professional pianist, keyboardist, and music programmer since 1986.

He has also been sound engineer at the Midi-Groove Studio of Naples and freelancer since 1990.

Giorgio Savarese has in-depth knowledge of DAW Logic / Pro Tools software and relevant third-party plug-ins, having used them professionally.

As a musician, sound engineer and/or programmer/producer, he has published more than 120 works including cds, soundtrack edits and cinematic pieces, as well as numerous collaborations with renowned international artists.

He has worked with RAI and MEDIASET numerous times (Italy's national public and private broadcasting companies) notably, four seasons of Canale 5’s ‘Io Canto’ presented by Jerry Scotti as well as shows with Gigi D’Alessio (2013 Mediaset; 2014 Mediaset – New Year’s Eve live from Plebiscito square in Naples; 2015 Mediaset – New Year’s Eve live from Bari).



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