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Giusto Pappacena


Department of Theory, Analysis, Composition, and Conducting


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Giusto Pappacena

He studied Composition, Piano, Choral Music and Choir Conduction at the ‘San Pietro a Majella’ Conservatoire of Naples.

Alongside his musical education, he graduated in Philosophy from the Federico II University in Naples.

Within the contemporary musical field, he has taken part in several festivals as composer and performer.

His music has also been broadcast by Radio RAI (Italy's national public broadcasting company).

He composed the music for the computer-animated films Sanniti a Pietrabbondante and Tiberio a Capri both released by Capware Digital Word.

From Tiberio a Capri, he composed a short lyric poem, La notte di Tiberio, for solos and four-hand piano.

He also composed the cantata Homo Homini Homo for solos, choir, and instrumental ensemble which was performed at the Giffoni Festival.

He composed the soundtrack for the Franciscan multimedia library of Assisi.

He took part in the international contest ‘shelives’ with the composition ‘Fa, Sib, La’ for piano and string quartet.

His piece ‘Minimal Moralia I’ is included in the CD "Approdi - avanguardie musicali a Napoli".

Additionally, he composed some background music for the Virtual Archeological Museum of Ercolano (Naples) which was launched in 2008, as the first virtual museum in the world.

Amongst his publications: Eight Songs for solo piano; Ed. Setticlavio; Sei pezzi in cerca di autore, suite for string quartet and piano; the above mentioned cantata Homo Homini Homo; and Musiche (da) leggere, which will be published soon.

He is also the author of educational publications pertaining to harmony and composition such as 'Quaderno di Teorie e tecniche dell’armonia', ed. Santarpino.

He teaches Harmony as well as different disciplines inherent to Theory of Harmony and Analysis at the ‘G. Martucci’ Conservatoire of Salerno.


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