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Lauro De Gennaro


Department of Wind Instruments

Field of Study: SAXOPHONE - CODI/15

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An eclectic musician, naturally inclined to expand into various musical genres.

He was brought up in a musical family, studying piano and harmony under the guidance of Maestro Acampora and Silvano Carella, composition under Alfonso Vitale, and saxophone under Francesco Florio.

He collaborated with the San Carlo Opera House of Naples and the Giuseppe Verdi Opera House of Salerno.

He played the baritone saxophone and the piano with Time Orchestra conducted by Luciano Fineschi.

He founded the Orkestra Master Music and also arranged their repertoire.

The orchestra toured successfully in 1985 and 1989.

He was the 1st alto saxophone in the Salerno Big Band.

He has published: ‘Metodo, ciclo delle scale e tecnica fondamentale per sassofono’; a three saxophone arrangement of ‘Divertimento’ by W. A. Mozart; ‘English Suites’ and ‘Three voice inventions’ by Bach, Bellipanni Editions.

His original compositions are registered under the SIAE, the Italian copyright agency.

He arranged, transcribed and performed compositions for quartets, quintets, saxophone and piano duos, and saxophone ensembles.

Notably, during the Salerno Conservatoire Concert Festivals, his arrangement of the ‘Rhapsody in blue’ by G. Gershwin was performed (for 12 saxophones and rhythmically based on the Funky Key).

He also founded ZETA DI DI BAND, performing pieces by M. Camilo, T. Gurtu, T. Coster, B. Auger, S. Ahead, etc. with both the piano and saxophone.

He has won awards in the following: Lams 2007, Palazzo Lanfranchi – Matera; European premiere in Matera of the concerto K478 by Mozart arranged for 4 saxophones and piano; Salone Internazionale della Musica in Milan; 8th National Competition, Riviera etrusca; 7th competition of Musical performance, Matera; 6th National Competition ‘Città di Caserta’; 4th National Competition ‘Città di Formia’; European competition ‘P. D'argento’; European Competition ‘Denza’; International award ‘Città di Castrovillari’; International festival ‘Beethoven e i classici’.

His most notable concerts include: Salone Vanvitelliano, Rome; Pioppi, Tramonti, Amalfi, and Maiori (Salerno), Pompeii (Naples); Piazza del Gesù in Naples on the occasion of the Bicentennial of the saxophone with Stefano Di Battista and Enzo Avitabile; Torre Annunziata (Naples); Torre Annunziata Library (Naples), sax quintet; Eburum, Charity Evening (original compositions for solo sax); All-nighter at Villa Guariglia; Ravello – sax Jazz Band; Piazza Plebiscito, Naples – Jazz Band; St. Francis of Paola Temple (Scafati, Salerno); Salerno Cathedral, Classical Music Festival (sax quintet); National Archaeological Museum, Naples; Cava dei Tirreni (Salerno), Chamber Music Festival; French Institute of Naples.

He has been an adjudicator for saxophone and chamber music competitions, as well as for various refresher courses held at musical institutions.

His recordings include those of performances ranging from classical to jazz repertoires (All Music Production label) and the arrangement and conducting of classical Neapolitan songs (IDEA LTD label, Reno – Bologna).

He was interviewed and reviewed in the monthly cultural magazine ‘Il Saggio’.

He passed through the national appointment process to teach in the Italian Conservatoire system.

He taught Saxophone at the Avellino and Frosinone Conservatoires and, since 1989, has been teaching at the Salerno Conservatoire.



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