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Luca Andrea Giordano


Department of Musicology and Management of Performing Arts


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He graduated in Foreign Languages, Modern Philology, Vocal performance (both Opera and Chamber music), Oboe, and Music Education. He is a dedicated teacher, linguist, and interpreter, assisting professional departments at various Italian and foreign Conservatories.

In particular, he focuses his activities on teaching English, French, and Italian to non-native speakers in order to inspire them to reach their full potential in the most efficient and effective way, as well as on European phonetics for opera singers and musicians interested in vocal repertoire.

With this in mind, his activities also encompass language coaching for both drama and opera.

His main aim is to build up confidence in a foreign language to a level of comfort and ease.

Moreover, he has published extensive analytical works in musicology, linguistics, music theory, and composition with various European publishers.

He also performs on a regular basis with eminent musicians, nationally and internationally, as an opera singer and oboist.


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