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Marco Parisi


Department of Jazz

Instrumental improvisation, Methodology of instrumental teaching, Performance practice and repertoires Electronic Keyboards.

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He is a traditionally trained jazz and pop organist.

He plays both the Hammond organ and the Electone as well as theatre organs, the piano and the trumpet.

He is self-taught from the age of six and has perfect pitch.

His performing career began at the age of fourteen, playing in various bands and orchestras, in many ensembles as the keyboardist of eminent Italian and foreign artists, and as the organist in jazz bands.

He graduated in Trumpet performance (1995) from the Benevento Conservatoire under the guidance of Renato Marini, Ernesto Pumpo, and Bernardo Ferrara, principal instrumentalists of the most important Italian orchestras.

In January 1984 he began collaborating with the Yamaha Foundation, and opened, in Salerno, one of the first ‘Electone’ Electronic Organ schools in Italy, which later would become the most awarded school in Italian and International contests.

He worked for 25 years as a Yamaha ‘demonstrator performer’ and ‘key teacher’, a teacher-trainer specialising in the Italian Teaching Method.

He has worked with many national jazz musicians and acquired a wealth of experience both as an arranger for various ensembles and in jazz and pop choruses.

Over the past 20 years he has dedicated himself to teaching modern singing, developing his own method.

In 2007, he was the first organist to introduce, in Italy, the teaching of the Hammond Organ in the Electronic Keyboard Course at the Salerno Conservatoire (Department of Jazz Music) in compliance with a specific educational program which is both traditional (using pedals) and modern.

Additionally, he has been teaching Jazz Composition since March 2016.


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