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Paolo Cimmino


Department of Keyboard and Percussions

Field of Study: PERCUSSION - CODI/22

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Paolo Cimmino

After graduating in 1988, he began his career at the San Carlo Opera House of Naples, collaborating with them for twelve years.

During that time he also studied Ethnic Music and Jazz.

Currently, he teaches percussion instruments at the 'G. Martucci' Conservatoire in Salerno, as well as frame drums and the principles of Ethnic Music at MusicAteneo (University in Salerno).

He is regularly invited to deliver masterclasses throughout Italy (Cesena, Trento, Mantova, Frosinone, Avellino, and Roma Conservatoires) and Europe (Germany, Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Estonia, Croatia) including the Royal College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge), Franz Liszt Hochschule für Musik in Weimar-Germany.

A passionate educator, he has written a wealth of educational material on the ‘Tamburello’ (Italian tambourine), including the highly acclaimed ‘A New Way of Playing Tamburello’ (Ed. Note di Merito), ‘5 Tamburello Solos’ (Ed. Artemide), ‘Pianto nascosto’ for marimba and frame drums (Ed. Norskmusik Forlag), ‘Il Sorpasso’ for set up (Ed. Norskmusik Forlag), ‘Secret Passion’ for marimba, strings and percussion (Ed. Svitzer), ‘Solkattu, Groove & Exercise for Italian Tambourine and Frame Drums’ (Ed. MusicAteneo, University of Salerno).

He has also released the DVD ‘La Tammurriata, Antiche Tradizioni Future Possibilità’ (Ed. MusicAteneo, University of Salerno).

In addition to his role as an educator, he pursues an active freelance career in Italy and Europe with ‘Framed Resonance’ (marimba and percussion), a duo with Daniella Ganeva; with Clay Drums India (Indian percussion, frame drums, piano and voice) with Ghatam Sureh; with the MediTamburi Percussion Quartet (he is the founder of the ensemble). He is an endorser of the Meinl Percussion, Bergerault Percussion Instruments, Ufip Alternate Mod Inc., Mike Balter Mallets.

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