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Pasquale Orazzo


Department of Keyboard and Percussions

Field of Study: PIANO - CODI/21

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Pasquale Orazzo

Pasquale Orazzo was born in Naples.

He graduated with honours in Piano performance from the Salerno Conservatoire under di guidance of Adriana Mannara.

After having completed both scientific and humanistic studies at Secondary School, in 1991 he was awarded his degree in Music Education with highest honours at the Benevento Conservatoire.

He studied Composition and Choral Conducting, as well as Organ and Gregorian Chant with distinguished professors of the Italian musical panorama (Argenzo Jorio and Vincenzo De Gregorio, respectively).

Since the beginning of his career, he has been performing internationally both as a soloist and a music chamber musician.

He won several prizes in numerous national competitions and earned, with honours, international qualifications in piano performance.

In 1995, he passed through the national recruitment process with which he formally obtained eligibility to teach in the Italian conservatoire system.

Since then, he has been teaching Piano at the 'G. Martucci' Conservatoire in Salerno.

He was a panellist for both Piano competitions and the national recruitment process for music teachers.

He was also the Musical Director of the theatre company ‘L'Arcolaio’ in Sorrento (Naples).

He got married to the soprano Liliana Veropalumbo with whom he carries on an intense artistic activity across Italy.

He also cultivates a passion for modern and contemporary history and, with this in mind, he collaborates with the online magazine


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