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Rosella Clementi


Ensemble Department

Field of Study: WIND ENSEMBLE - COMI/04

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Rosella Clementi

She graduated in Flute performance and Electronic Music from the ‘Santa Cecilia' Conservatoire in Rome.

She also studied Classical Guitar, Composition, and Orchestra Conduction.

In 1989 she passed through the national recruitment process, formally obtaining eligibility to teach Wind Ensemble.

Since 1995 she has been teaching different disciplines: chamber music for wind instruments, background music, and music technology.

She composes original music for events, documentaries, theatre performances, films, art museum installations, and audio books for public and private institutions.

The list of prestigious artistic personalities with whom she has collaborated includes Carlo Rambaldi, Oscar Winner for ET, Alien, and King Kong.

Since 2004 she has been collaborating, as a producer, with several record labels, being responsible for the music artistic direction, the recording and the post-production of several recordings with orchestras and international artists.

Furthermore, she is the Music Consultant for the re-opening of the Museo Centrale del Risorgimento al Vittoriano (National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II) in Rome.

She has performed in many concerts as a member of different chamber music ensembles for both important public and private institutions.

She published a previously unreleased Solo Flute Sonata by Benedetto Marcello (Riverberi Sonori Editions, 1999).


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