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Tiziana Silvestri


Department of Keyboard and Percussions

Field of Study: PIANO - CODI/21

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She graduated in Piano performance under Franco Medori, with highest honours, from the ‘Santa Cecilia’ Conservatoire of Rome.

Subsequently, she furthered her skills with Medori in a three year piano interpretation course at the ‘T. L. Da Victoria’.

At the same time she also earned the Chamber Music and Music Education qualifications from the Santa Cecilia Conservatoire of Rome.

Particularly interested in educational methodologies, she took extra classes under H. Setala, M. do Amoral, M. LLado, S. Korn, and G. Piazza.

Winner of several piano contests, she was invited to perform at numerous festivals and renowned music institutions in Germany, Poland, Spain, Moldova, for the Catholic University of Washington, USA, and on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Radio Beijing broadcast in China.

Several pianists who studied under her have achieved great success in competitions and artistic programmes.

She is also engaged in musical promotion by supervising the artistic direction of events aimed to nurture young talents.

She passed through the national recruitment process with which she formally obtained eligibility to teach in the Italian Conservatoire system.

She currently teaches Piano performance at the ‘G. Martucci’ Conservatoire of Salerno.


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