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Music Education


The Department of Music Education conducts its mission through structured activities.

In addition to teaching, the department provides a Postgraduate Certificate equivalent in 'Neapolitan Song and Language'.

It also programmes seminars, meetings and masterclasses, in collaboration with local societies, Italian and foreign universities and with the patronage of The Italian Society of Musicology.

The Department of Music Education conducts research in specific fields such as intercultural educational models and the traditional musical models of Southern Italy.

In 2011, the department organised a conference, titled 'Canzone a Napoli nel primo Ottocento tra salotto borghese e tradizione orale nei Passatempi musicali di Guillaume Cottrau' [Songs in early 19th century Naples from bourgeois salons to oral tradition in Passatempi musicali by Guillaume Cottrau] and subsequently published a book on the subject in 2013 (Guida Editor).

During the Academic Year 2014-2015, the department lauched an educational project about the rites of the Holy Week in Minori (Amalfi Coast).

Currently, the Department of Music Education is working on a book of essays on this topic that will be published by Squilibri.


Department Head Francesca Seller


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