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Musical activities of mixed groups (i.e. piano, voice, string, woodwind, brass, and percussion), wind ensembles, choir and orchestra are directed by the Ensemble Department.

Every musician benefits from participation in small and large group settings.

This is one of the main strengths benefitting artistic growth in any Conservatoire.

Both training and rehearsals are scheduled allowing to the different timetables in each individual programme.

The department strives to place individual players into ensembles based on experience and instrument proficiency.

Attention is also given to ensure that students play in ensembles where they feel most comfortable.

The Ensemble Department offers students the opportunity to work intensively on a vast ensemble repertoire with the specific aim of performing in various public events throughout the Academic Year.

One such event is the Festival di Musica da Camera Sant'Apollonia (one of region’s most important chamber music festivals).

It represents an opportunity to perform complete concerts as well as to prepare the programme notes for the audience.

The intention is to make music more accessible to audiences and provide more performance opportunities for ensembles.

International exchange projects play a fundamental role in improving musical skills.

The Ensemble Department, in collaboration with the International Relations Office, launches partnerships that support students to study and perform abroad.

Additionally, it collaborates with musicians coming from conservatoires at home and abroad (2005, Universität Augsburg, Germany – 2013, Suona Francese Festival – Erasmus on Stage).

Alongside education and production, research also represents an important activity of the Ensemble Department.

Different wind instruments scores, revised by either students or professors, are published by Potenza Music (US), Edizioni Musicali Eufonia, and Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto.


Department Head Francesca Taviani


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