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The Jazz Music Department is composed of highly experienced teachers in the field of African-American music, and in the interpretation, composition, and improvisational skills involved at a professional level.

The training involves the gradual learning of the main Jazz performance techniques.

In particular, students will be provided with a stylistic and historical approach which requires systematic knowledge of the subject.

Currently, many young people wish to examine Jazz music in depth as a bridge to taking on different contemporary styles and forms.

The widespread interest for Jazz courses has led to the realisation of large-scale local music productions.

The numerous synergies with the most well-established cultural events in Salerno and the Campania Region represent a unique opportunity to pursue relevant projects every year.

The most prominent outcome is the Salerno Jazz Festival, launched by Fulvio Maffia and which in 2016 was in its fifth year.

The event, programmed every year for a few days, is held in one of the most important theatres in the city.

Entrance is free and attracts large lively audiences.

Additionally, the department organises a vast number of performances and themed concerts performed by teachers, students, and external collaborations in the auditorium of the Conservatoire.

Rehearsals and performances have a paramount importance in this process considering that students, alongside their teachers, acquire different aspects of professional performances (i.e. technical background and powerful rendition skills).


Department Head Sandro Deidda


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