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Music Technology


The Music Technology Department was launched in 2009, under the management and teaching of Silvia Lanzalone.

The Music Technology Department now envisages both undergraduate programmes (Electronic Music, Sound Engineering) and postgraduate programmes (Electroacoustic Composition).

The programmes focus on composition and performance, with an in-depth analysis of scientific and technological aspects.

The interdisciplinary feature of the programmes aims at acquiring theoretical, methodological, and practical competencies through a detailed study of stylistic, critical, and artistic processes.

The Music Technology Department prepares students for careers in several areas, nationally and internationally (i.e. creation and interpretation of electronic and electroacoustic music, creation and production of both multimedia and multisensory interactive sound installations, and scientific and technological music research).

The need to improve the teaching process with Music secondary schools led the department to schedule the event "Percorso Elettronico" which in 2018 was in its seventh year.

The productive activity is characterised by diverse artistic projects culminating in an international Festival of Electronic Music which includes concerts, installations, masterclasses, conferences, and workshops.

In the previous years of the abovementioned festival, other institutions have been involved, such as the Electronic Music Departments of other Italian conservatoires (Rome, L’Aquila, Perugia, Latina, Naples, Avellino, and Benevento amongst others) and Contemporary Music Research and Production Institutions (eg. Nuova Consonanza Association, Centro Ricerche Musicali, and the Cemat Federation).

Additionally, the Music Technology Department, thanks to a collaboration with the Salerno International Relations Office, is a promotor of projects and educational exchanges with universities and conservatoires in other European countries, such as Sweden, UK, France, the Netherlands, and Portugal.


Department Head Giampiero Gemini


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