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Theory, Analysis, Composition and Conducting


The main aim of the Department of Music Theory, Analysis, Composition, and Conducting is to help students develop and refine their natural musical aptitudes, as well as comprehend the close relationship between the different processes of understanding, creation, and performance.

We are convinced that such a mission is best accomplished by supporting and cultivating the multiple perspectives, interests, and strengths of our students, and by recognising their own interests and needs.

The department is composed of teachers active in the field of theoretical-analytical research, music pedagogy, composition, and performance.

As a unit of the 'Martucci' Conservatoire, it offers courses in Music Fundamentals, Harmony and Counterpoint, Music Theory and Analysis, Composition, and Conducting and Composition for Wind Ensemble.

Besides the basic curriculum for music majors, the department annually promotes activities and projects aimed at integrating the general student population and covering topics such as music appreciation.


Department Head Bruno Benvenuto


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