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Admission Requirements


Bachelor Degree Admission (1st cycle)

To apply for an Undergraduate degree it is necessary to hold a secondary school leaving certificate (i.e. Final examination of the compulsory upper secondary cycle of studies). Students holding a secondary school certificate issued by foreign secondary schools can be admitted to the entrance examination if their qualifications meet the following general requirements:

a. they have been issued by a secondary school institution which is officially recognised by the national education system;
b. they are valid for admission examinations at University in the country where they have been issued;
c. they have been issued after at least 12 years of studies, including primary and secondary school.

Admittance will be based on the entrance examination results.

Master Degree Admission (2nd cycle)

To apply for a Postgraduate degree it is necessary to hold a Bachelor’s. Students holding a Bachelor’s degree awarded by university or a university-level institution can be admitted if their secondary school leaving certificate grants access to a Postgraduate degree within the Higher Education system of reference.

Admittance will be based on the entrance exam results.

The deadlines for student applications are available at the Academic Calendar.

Language Requirements

All courses are taught in Italian. For non-Italian native speakers, it is highly recommended to hold a B1 level certificate in Italian language (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). For non-EU students residing outside Italy this is a mandatory requirement. For further information, and details on exemptions, please see this website.
Any applicants who do not yet have any Italian language certificates at the time of enrolment can take a placement test at the Salerno Conservatoire in order to ascertain their skills. Language tutoring is guaranteed during the academic year.

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