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Arrangements for Academic Guidance


Every degree programme has a President and a Council Board, composed of professors; each one represents the subject area taught within the related Programme. Professors and advisors of the Student Office assist students in planning their own Plan of study and help them to resolve any issues they may have with a given discipline. In order to ensure this process, advisors are available to meet at given hours during the week.

The International Office manage mobility of students, teaching and administrative staff, as well as the internationalisation area in general.

stemmaConservatorio Statale di Musica 'Giuseppe Martucci' Salerno

Via Salvatore De Renzi 62, 84125 Salerno SA Italy

Telefono: +39 (0) 89 241086 / +39 (0) 89 237713

Fax: +39 (0) 89 2582440

P.Iva: 95003210655